EDGE Accreditation

EDGE Accreditation

EDGE Accreditation

Since 2007 the EDGE has taught children how to conserve, preserve and to recycle. We want to share this knowledge with you! You will have the opportunity to learn more about what you can do to save the environment, increase your enrollment, improve your quality of staff, improve your facility and impact the lives of the children you serve.

Through EDGE Accreditation Early Learning Centers use tools to teach children GLOBAL RESPONSIBILITY through environmental education and giving back to the community (locally and abroad).


Each EDGE Accredited School takes on the EDGE philosophy to provide leadership, education, services and advocacy that will assist in revolutionizing a global humanitarian movement of environmental education and awareness through partnerships with families, teachers, schools and our global communities. As a member of the EDGE family you have accepted global responsibility and have already started thinking outside of the box. We at the EDGE invite you to join us on our mission to impact children all over the world. Become an EDGE Accredited School today!


As an EDGE Accredited School you will:

  • Improve your Early Learning Center with a high quality educational program and healthier environment for your students.
  • Increase the enrollment of students by becoming a quality investment for parents.
  • Become a nationally recognized EDGE Accredited Early Learning Center.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Save money on your water and energy bill by implementing EDGE standards.
  • Receive discounts on EDGE educational materials such as EDGE t-shirts, parent bumper stickers and much more.
  • Teach your children social responsibility.
  • Impact the lives of your children in your community and around the world.

Contact Info@theedgeeducation.com to find out more.


The EDGE Curriculum Supplement is a tool used by EDGE Accredited Schools for children between the ages of 3 and 8. It is a research and science based supplement that includes, Sunshine State Standards, VPK Standards and 7 EDGE Elements (the 7 EDGE Elements are topics based on crucial environmental issues plaguing our planet).

The EDGE Curriculum Supplement can be used with any other main stream preschool curriculum and integrated into classroom activities. The EDGE asks that each school make a commitment to reinforcing eco-friendly habits. This reinforcement includes a commitment from teachers and parents where they must know the importance of environmental education as it is taught in the class and at home.