About The EDGE


Since 2007, The Early Development of Global Education (EDGE) and The EDGE Charitable Foundation have  impacted thousands of children by encouraging the care of our precious planet from an early age to encouraging children to give back to those less fortunate.

Along with a family of caring and dedicated professionals, schools and businesses The EDGE’s global mission is to teach environmental education and social responsibility. Join us on our journey as we impact our future generations!


To provide leadership, education, services and advocacy that will assist in revolutionizing a global humanitarian movement of environmental education and awareness through partnerships with families, teachers, schools and our global communities.


By promoting excellence in teaching, programming and development of global environmental awareness and education, all children, families, and future generations will enjoy and sustain a healthier, cleaner, and safer earth.

We believe that:

1. Children: To educate, encourage and inspire core knowledge and responsibility to children regardless of income and setting.
2. Health & Well-being: To educate and encourage conscious, healthy decisions for the mind, body and soul.
3. Environment: To understand and respect the circle of life as we promote a healthier and sustainable environment.
4. Community: To create partnerships with national and international programs and populations, to include but not be limited to educational services, charitable goods, medical assistance and social services.
5. Leadership: To create and inspire an atmosphere of respect, responsibility and commitment to environmental awareness through the leadership of future generations.