Rewriting the Stigma of Mental Illness | Paige Freeman | TEDxYouth@SAS

Rewriting the Stigma of Mental Illness | Paige Freeman | TEDxYouth@SAS,
Although sometimes not apparent, mental disorders are more common than we think. As a person struggling with multiple mental disorders, Paige Freeman vividly illustrates the consequences they have on everyday life, the stigmas society places on mental illness, and speaks out about her own experience for the first time.

Paige moved from Brooklyn to Singapore in 2006, where she has attended the Singapore American School for the past nine years. She has not yet uncovered her ultimate goal in life, and is just fine with that. However, she does have some problems she’d like to fix along the way. She enjoys writing, making art, and singing — in 2013, she sang a solo at the Esplanade Concert Hall. Paige is partial to rainy afternoons and listening to good music.

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Learning through music and art: Doug Goodkin at TEDxConejoSalon

Learning through music and art: Doug Goodkin at TEDxConejoSalon,
Doug Goodkin is an internationally recognized teacher of Orff Schulwerk, a dynamic approach to music education. He is currently in his 38th year at The San Francisco School, teaching children between three years old and eighth grade. He also has trained teachers having in 39 countries worldwide. teaches regularly at The Orff Institut in Salzburg, directs The San Francisco Orff Certification Course and teaches his own course on Jazz and Orff Schulwerk throughout the world. He is the author of eight books and has an ongoing blog titled “Confessions of a Traveling Music Teacher.” Doug is particularly known for connecting the principles of Orff Schulwerk to a wider world of practices and ideas—jazz, world music, poetry, school community-building, brain research, human health and culture, social justice and more. His work has been described as ” a long, earnest and continuing struggle to present music of integrity in a way that affirms our collective humanity.

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